Long Beach Roof MaintenanceOver the years, your roof takes a beating. Storms, rain, wind, and sun all take a toll. And if left untended, what began as a minor problem, such as a simple clogged drain, can become something more serious, requiring additional labor and cost to fix. We recommend keeping on top of regular annual roof maintenance in order to keep your roof in excellent shape, and to avoid any unexpected larger costs or major roof repairs down the road!

At TRC, we offer ongoing roof maintenance and roof repair consults in Long Beach. We’re happy to offer free inspections and quotes, perform any quick, on-the-spot repairs as needed, and be on our way! It’s a no-hassle, money saving annual check for you, and a way to maximize one of your largest investments in your home – your roof.

These are some of the basic issues that we help with on a regular basis, to ensure that your roof stays in good shape, and does not develop any problems requiring significant roof repairs in the future:

Storm Damage – The effects of storm damage on roofing can be varied. They can range from water spots on an interior ceiling to curled or missing roof shingles. You may also notice broken or damaged roof flashing, wet walls, or water issues around your home’s exterior. If you experience any of these signs of roof damage, call us right away to provide a free quote on roofing repairs in Long Beach!

Clogged Drainage on Flat Roofs – Debris can build up on flat roofs CCSH and result in a clogged drain. Cleaning drains every few months is fine during Spring and Summer, but plan on clearing drains once a month during winter months. Simple drain cleaning can go a long way toward maximizing the lifetime of your roof and preventing damage. If you’ve forgotten about regular cleaning, this can result in the roof drain becoming clogged with debris, which can cause a backup of water that could flow over the flashing and into the attic of your home. From there, water may leak into the house. Regular roof maintenance is a simple, convenient solution to this.

Blown-off Shingles – Time and weathering can cause brittleness in existing shingles. Older shingles may show signs of age or damage by cracking, or getting blown off of your roof. If you have a few shingles that have blown off, the best way to repair your roof is to simply replace the individual shingles, or the section of the roof that is affected. If you have blown off shingles, feel free to call us for a free quote. We can assess the damage and age of the roof, and provide the best options for your roof maintenance and repair.

Wood Repair – Wood repair can be a costly roof repair. Wood damage on a roof is an excellent reason why we recommend regular maintenance of the roof drains and shingles, to prevent any external issues impacting the wood. For example, the wood on a roof can rot if wetness seeps through. If you have wood rot, then the wood must be replaced to prevent interior leaks, mold, and other issues from rotting out additional sections of your roof or reaching further inside the house. If you think you might have wood rot, please call us today for a free quote on roof repairs in Long Beach.

We specialize in roof installations and roof repairs. To schedule your annual roof tune-up today, call us for a free estimate at (562) 682-9027.