Roof Leaks Long Beach

Nobody likes a leaking roof! Unfortunately, leaks always happen at the worst possible time and are quite inconvenient to deal with! Here in the Los Angeles area, the rainy season coincides with the holidays when schedules are already busy and stress is high. Do yourself a favor, and take the necessary precautions to avoid a roof leak on New Year’s eve!

The key is to schedule an annual roof tune-up BEFORE the rainy season. During your tune-up, we will be able to identify causes of potential leaks such as broken tiles, clogged drains and more.

When we understand what causes leaks, it’s easier to prevent them.

Clogged drains are often the cause of one or multiple leaks. Neglected rain gutters can also be responsible for leaks. High winds can damage your roof, either by moving loose parts or because of heavy debris falling on your roof and breaking tiles. They can also knock roofing material off. Heavy rains can cause different kinds of leaks as they can push water into unusual places. This can create water retention in unexpected places and your windows or air vents can start leaking.

While blogs and DIY videos will try to convince you that you can fix your leaking roof yourself, attempting to do so can be quite dangerous, and can also make the situation worse. Don’t risk it, let us professionals get out in the rain for you. We have proper equipment, we follow safety guidelines, and have experience!

We have seen people getting injured while attempting to climb on the roof after heavy rains. Or using the wrong material to fix their roof, only to cause more damage in the end. Let us safely find the cause of your leak and suggest options to get it fixed in the safest and most optimal way possible. This is what we do and is why we are here!

We specialize in roof installations and roof repairs. If your roof is leaking or if you haven’t scheduled your maintenance before the rainy season, you can still have it checked in between the rains. Call us today for a free estimate at (562) 682-9027.

“Our last experience took place during the horrible rains we had and needless to say we became a bit “anxious” but Brian and his crew did everything they could to protect our home and we are grateful. Thank you to TRC for another job well done! They have a 5 star rating from us!

-Rita F.